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About us

30 years of experience in cycling give us the knowledge so that you have the best professional level at your service. 

Felipe Martinez "El Profe"

Passionate about cycling, he started in the world of MTB from the origins of this sport in Colombia in the year 91, over the years he has practiced almost all the different modalities through Cross Country, Trial, DH, Dual Slalom, Street , Enduro, Route and Gravel.


- National Champion  by Cross Country Junior

- He was one of the pioneers of the Trial in Colombia with more than 400 demonstrations in countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay.

- Member of the Diamond Back Europe 2001 team as a mechanic and technical assistant in different competitions such as the World Cups in Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Megavalanche, European Championship, French Cup among others.

- Several Downhill and Street victories

- 2014 Elite Enduro Champion of the Capital Cup and Bayu Enduro Series.

- 5th place in the Pan American MTB Championship in the Master B category

- 12 years of experience as a MTB teacher for children.

- Fit Retül instructor.



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